How to Create a Daily Schedule

Sometimes you realize that things have gotten a little off track in your home and it’s time for a change! I do a “daily routine makeover” a few times a year. Our home functions in a very different way depending on the season (for example, in the spring we want to be outside gardening! Winter…

Give your children TIME

Today I’ve been reflecting on the gift of TIME. We can earn more money, more things, but we can never earn more time. One of the reasons that we choose to homeschool is to give our children the gift of time. By choosing to eliminate the busy work or unnecessary learning that is required by…

Books for Beginning Readers

After you’re done with a reading program, what’s next? It’s time to move on to practicing with real books! This list contains some of our kids favorite books to “graduate” to after they complete “Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons” They are listed in order of increasing difficulty. I recommend that you…

Activities to Keep Hands Busy during READ ALOUD TIME!

Do your kids line up in a silent, still row and listen to you read aloud for hours on end? I didn’t think so. Having activities available to keep hands busy during read aloud time is a “mom hack” that has blessed our household for years! Even my littlest ones will stick around during our…

January Giveaway WINNERS

A month of giveaways! How fun! Thank you to all the companies who participated. Giveaways were featured in The Kreke Family vlogs during January. Click the company names to visit their sites. Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey (free book) Winners: Deedra Fulkerson and Tanya Thorpe Chickie&Roo ($20 credits) Winners: Tania Brower and Mina Martinez Pretty Nerdy…

75 CHAPTER BOOKS our kids recommend!

I have had many requests to share a list of books our kids have enjoyed. What our kids read shapes who they become. Some of the series I read as a young person gave me an unhealthy desire for the world and caused me a detour in the path that God planned for me. I…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Julie! After being homeschooled during my highschool years I now am a homeschooling mama to 10. I am passionate about helping moms create homes where learning is enjoyed, and their children are free to grow into who God created them to be.

You can find me encouraging mamas here at The Delightful Homeschool… and on Instagram & YouTube.

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