Homeschooling Kindergarten

What a precious season of life are the years considered kindergarten. A time of great learning without effort. Kindergartners are naturally curious about the world and very easy to teach. They WANT to learn new things! (Which can sometimes pose its own set of challenges 😊) When my child shows readiness, I begin moving through… Continue reading Homeschooling Kindergarten

Electives and Extracurriculars: How to homeschool the “extras”

In our home we require just a few daily subjects: Bible, Math, and Language Arts. Beyond that we love exploring the excitement of learning with many different subjects and resources. I choose one “extra” subject each day to explore with my children so that I am continually presenting their minds with new ideas and areas… Continue reading Electives and Extracurriculars: How to homeschool the “extras”

Nature Study (done naturally)

One of the great blessings of homeschooling is time. It takes time to be able to surround yourself with nature and observe it throughout the year. Since we’ve moved into the woods of Missouri my children’s natural curiosity has propelled them to learn so many things. I am continually amazed by their knowledge of our… Continue reading Nature Study (done naturally)

Science without trying

Science is such a simple subject to explore with children. They have a natural curiosity that makes “doing science” so easy. If we keep good resources on hand, get excited about our children’s discoveries, and help them to explore further any topic that interests them, we will create natural little scientists. I’ve listed Amazon affiliate… Continue reading Science without trying


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