Give your children TIME

Silas watches a tutorial on wood carving while Elsie takes a break from writing her story to look on

Today I’ve been reflecting on the gift of TIME. We can earn more money, more things, but we can never earn more time. One of the reasons that we choose to homeschool is to give our children the gift of time. By choosing to eliminate the busy work or unnecessary learning that is required by schools “just because”, we naturally provide our children with hours of unstructured freedom. Within that space I have watched them grow and discover passions. I have watched them push themselves to learn things that they may not have had the time to learn otherwise.

I have watched our oldest begin a profitable business selling animals she breeds. I have watched our second born begin an apprenticeship that is allowing him to expand his skills of video production and be challenged by amazing men in a real business setting. I have watched our third child discover a love for carving and work to begin developing that. I have watched our middle daughter improve in her writing skills and a younger son form a love for cooking.

It is a privilege and an honor to allow our children the space to stretch their wings.

Samuel has developed an interest in cooking.
Leo doing copywork from an old McGuffey’s
James did some amazing watercolor paintings
Isabella caring for the brand new calf and her mama.
She often takes little Lydia outside with her… and Lydia’s love for animals seems to already match her big sister’s

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