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Activities to Keep Hands Busy during READ ALOUD TIME!

Do your kids line up in a silent, still row and listen to you read aloud for hours on end?

I didn’t think so.

Having activities available to keep hands busy during read aloud time is a “mom hack” that has blessed our household for years! Even my littlest ones will stick around during our longer read aloud sessions when they have something to do while they listen.

Clay sculpting


Magnetic tiles 

Easy handicrafts like finger knitting or tube knitting

Seek and find books 

Colored pencils & paper (or print out coloring pages relating to your story)



Think cubes, stress balls or fidgets 



Stamp sets

Paint by sticker books

Water wow books

Color by number books 


Kinetic sand 

Chalk drawing

Hidden pictures books

Bristle blocks

Gum to chew

Loom to make potholders

String beads

Read inside a homemade blanket fort


Geoboards with rubberbands

Boogie boards


Thinking putty

Play with dolls

Paper collages (pre cut construction paper and stick glue)

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