Kid Favorites

18 (Kid favorite) Stocking Stuffers under $10!

Having 8 children means that we are always on the lookout for frugal fun! If you’ve watched my video about our Christmas traditions, you would know that my husband and I fund the kids shopping trips to pick out Christmas gifts for each other instead of us being the ones buying the gifts. Our kids have LOVED this tradition, and it has been really special for me to watch them put time and thought into choosing what their sibling would like.

Since the kids are doing the gift shopping, Jason and I get to have fun filling the stockings. That’s our gift to our children. we don’t celebrate Santa around here, but getting a stocking full of fun little things is a Christmas Day favorite.

We generally choose a couple fun items like what I’ve listed below, something practical like chap stick and toothbrushes, and then “bulk it up” with fruit, chip bags, etc.

Here is my list of Christmas stocking stuffer ideas that are under $10… and every one has been tested and enjoyed by my very own team of product testing professionals 🙂

Scratch Art Pads


Math Dice Jr.

Wikki Stix


Water Wow Pads

Rubix Cubes

Bathtub Markers

Paint By Sticker books

Chinese Jump Rope

Stringy Majiggy

Mad Libs

Invisible Pens

Lip Balm

Healthier Bubble Gum

Bouncy Ball DIY Kit

Origami Kit

Charades For Kids

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