Teaching History using Story of the World

I attended a public school until becoming a homeschooler during my high school years, and history was one of my least favorite subjects. It was dry, boring, and full of facts I had to memorize just long enough to be tested. I was a *good student* when it came to testing, but I can tell you that I walked away without remembering any of it.

These days, as a homeschooling mama, history has become one of my FAVORITE subjects! Why the change? It’s because we are approaching history in a completly different way.

Story of the World is one of the few curriculums I use for my children. We have been hooked from Volume 1, and when we complete the last book I plan to start again at the beginning. In our home, we have one big “History Day” each week where we dive deep into whatever we learn that day. I will read the chapter aloud while my children color the activity sheets. We then complete the map work together. Both the coloring sheets and maps are included in the corresponding activity book. The activity books are also packed with ideas for crafts, games, recipes and other activities that relate to each week’s topic. *Volume 4 does not have coloring pages included with the activity book, they can be purchased as a supplement from this website.

In addition to all the coloring and crafts, my older children complete a written summary of something they’ve learned from that week’s lesson. They will glue the image they colored and their completed map on to the back of this paper and insert it into a plastic sleeve protector. Over the years these pages have formed a wonderful History Binder that serves as a record of what each child has learned!

In this video you can see what History Day looks like in our home.

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