Homeschooling Math (our favorite curriculum)

Can I be honest? Math is not my favorite subject. It was the thing I tried to avoid when I was the homeschool student…but with 8 kids of my own I can no longer hide from it!

The good news? Learning math is no longer a stressful experience! We switched to Teaching Textbooks.

Since we started using the online version of Teaching Textbooks our children are now thriving. Here are a few of the reasons why I suggest TT to everyone I talk to:

  • instant confirmation when the child gets a problem correct, or a “second chance” option for an incorrect answer
  • in depth instruction (verbal and written) that teaches the child new concepts in a lighthearted way, as well as additional explanations for anything they don’t understand
  • free access to tutors through the Teaching Textbooks hotline
  • discounts for large families
  • fun “buddies” and “wallpaper” that your child can choose to make their page more fun and personal
  • permanent grade storage for your child, with automatic grading that has the option to be edited by the parents if needed

One thing that I make sure to point out to all parents is that the Teaching Textbooks Levels do NOT necessarily correspond to the average grade level. Although the first available level of TT is called “Level 3”, I would put my second grader or advanced first grader in that level.

See more of my Teaching Textbook reviews here:

and here:

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