Homeschooling a Large Family in a Tiny House

Up until a couple years ago we lived and homeschooled in a nice home in St Louis City. We were in a great area and liked all our neighbors but we longed for land that our kids could explore and enjoy. After much searching the Lord led us to a foreclosed property that was just what we had hoped for…except for the fact that it did not have a livable home. On the property was a mold-filled house with a damaged roof and unstable foundation, and several out buildings. One of those was a tall metal workshop with a poured concrete floor. My husband is a visionary man and suggested what seemed impossible at the time: turning this space into a home for our family to live in until we were able to build a large farmhouse.

Today we are living out that vision as a family of 10. We finished out the workshop space to perfectly fit our needs and make use of every bit of its 575 square feet. Last year I posted a full home tour, and now I’m sharing the details of how we homeschool in this small space.

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